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Sociologist, Academic, Researcher, Community Expert & Placemaker

I am sociologist, researcher, university teacher as well as practitioner dedicated to community empowerment and urban development. 

Sociological research is my deepest passion and the primary reason for which I chose a career in academia. My interests cover community studies, urban studies and developement studies. I am particularly interested in cultural mechanisms of community empowerment, social cohesion and developement - both in theory as well as in practice. In my work, I always take cultural perspective, foster theoretical eclectism, and triangulate research methods. My inquenchable curiosity, need for challenges and love for picking holes in wholes, help me to face complexity of social phenomena and thus get to their very bottom.

I truly believe arts and culture to have great transformative power. As a member of the international research network on Urban Scenes, I have a honor and the greatest pleasure to collaborate with Terry N. Clark (University of Chicago), Daniel A. Silver (University of Toronto), Clemente J. Navarro (University of Sevilla) and many other fantastic scholars from around the world who share this belief. I joined the network in 2010 and since then have been forming a part of the exciting journey in search of cultural dynamics of social life in general, and community & urban development in particular.

I created this place to share my work and ideas on community & urban development. I hope it to be a platform for research collaboration and networking. I provide abstracts as well as links to my papers in the "Publications" section, while the details of my most important research projects can be found in the "Research" section of this website. There is also "Teaching" section for my students (where I provide syllabuses and learning materials) as well as "Services" section for those who look for expert assistance and consider hiring me. Some of the materials are secured by password and you will be asked to sign up to my research community in order to get the unlimited access to research resources (which I am always eager to share with other researchers, professionals or students). 


Feel free to contact me if you have questions, need more information, want to share ideas or collaborate!

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PhD in sociology, Jagiellonian University (in 2009)



Assistant Professor (in tenure track), Institute of Sociology, Jagiellonian University (since 2010)


Vice-President of

the Research Committee on Community Studies (RC03)

International Sociological Association (since 2018)



University of Chicago (2013)

State University of New York at Buffalo (2009)


Florian Znaniecki First Prize (2004)

Jan Józef Lipski Prize (2004)


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