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Sociologist, Academic, Researcher, Community Expert & Placemaker


Marta Klekotko, Clemente J. Navarro (eds) (2015), Cultural dimensions of Polish cities and towns, Krakow: Jagiellonian University Press (in Polish)


Marta Klekotko (2012), The Silesian-Way Development: Processes of Capitalization of Culture in Silesian Mining Community, Krakow: Jagiellonian University Press (in Polish) 

Journal Articles


Marta Klekotko (2019) Mathematics of culture, or how to study the cultural character of the city? Człowiek i społeczeństwo (in print, in Polish)


Marta Klekotko (2018) Communal Practices in Postmodern City: In Search of New Research Perspective, Miscellanea Anthropologica et Sociologica 2018, 19(1): 209–229 (in Polish)

Marta Klekotko (2018) Between Locality and Communality: Community Creation Aspects of Urban Scenes, Folia Sociologica, Vol. 64, pp.5-19 (in Polish)


Marta Klekotko (2018) Civil Society, Governance and Community Sustainable Development: A Cognitive Approach on the Example of Rural Poland”, EMECON Employment and economy in Central and Eastern Europe, No 1/2018,


Marta Klekotko, Anna Jastrzębiec-Witowska, Krzysztof Gorlach, Piotr Nowak (2018) “Think locally and act globally: understanding human development in the era of globalization”, Eastern European Countryside, Vol.24 

Marta Klekotko (2014) Miasta bez charakteru? Polskie miasta w perspektywie “teorii scen”, Przegląd Socjologiczny, LXIII/1, 2014, p. 171-196 (in Polsih)


Krzysztof Gorlach, Marta Klekotko, Piotr Nowak: “Culture and Rural Development: Voices from Poland”, in: Eastern European Countryside, vol. 20, 2014, p. 5 – 26 (in English)


Marta Klekotko, Krzysztof Gorlach (2013), “The Non-Bermuda Triangle: Scenes, Networks and Social Movements in not only Rural Development”, Folia Sociologica, No 44, p. 25 – 38 (in Polish)


Krzysztof Gorlach, Marta Klekotko, Piotr Nowak (2013), “Human development-sustainable development – progress: an attempt at rural change”, Wieś i Rolnictwo, No 3 (160), p. 7 – 27 (in Polish)


Krzysztof Gorlach, Marta Klekotko, Piotr Płucienniczak (2013), „Citizenship – civilsociety

 – the state”, Studia Socjologiczne, No 1 (208), p. 207 – 223 (in Polish)


Krzysztof Gorlach, Marta Klekotko, Seweryn Grodny (2012), „Economy and culture:some mutual relations ”, Studia Socjologiczne, vol. 205 (2), p. 169 – 190 (in Polish)


Marta Klekotko, Krzysztof Gorlach (2011), “On locality once again: mesostructuralrelations in a globalized society”, Annales Universitatis Mariae Curie-Sklodowska, vol. XXXVI, no 2, p. 47–69 (in Polish)


Krzysztof Gorlach, Marta Klekotko (2010), "Together but Separately: An Attempt at the process  of class diversification among Polish peasantry", Przegląd Socjologiczny, No2 (170)/2010, p.109-126 (in English)


Marta Klekotko (2008), “Community and Everyday Life - Review of the book by Graham Day, StudiaSocjologiczne No 1/2008 (in Polish)


Krzysztof Gorlach, Marta Klekotko, Tomasz Adamski (2008), "Governance as a Factor of Sustainable Development. Case of Rural Communities in Poland", Przeglad Sociologiczny No 57/1 (in English)


Marta Klekotko (2005), "The World at the Turn of Ages. Globalization –  Democracy Nation State - Review of the bookby Edmund Wnuk-Lipinski", Studia Socjologiczne No 3/2005 (in Polish)


Marta Klekotko (2004), "Civic Capital of Youth from Cieszynski Silesia", Regiony Polski No 1/2005 (in Polish)

Book Articles

Marta Klekotko (2020) Urban Inequalities and Egalitarian Scenes: Relationality in Urban Place-Making and COmmunity-Bilding and Paradox of Egalitarianism, in: M.Smagacz-Poziemska et al (eds) Inequality and Uncertainty. Current CHallenges for Cities. Singapore: Palgrave Macmillan 


Krzysztof Gorlach, Piotr Nowak, Marta Klekotko (2012), Facing the GlobalDiscourse. Contemporary Polish Rural Sociology and Anglo-Saxon Rural Studies”, in: Andrzej Kaleta (ed.) Four Decades of Sociology at the Nicholaus Copernicus University.Sociology and Rural Sociologists in Central Europe, Toruń: UMK Publishers, p. 219– 268 (in Polish)


Marta Klekotko, Krzysztof Gorlach (2011). Place, locality, globalization: An Attempt atthe Community Studies in the Postmodern Society, In: H. Podedworna, A.Pilichowski (eds) Rurality and Rural Areas in Poland: Diversity and Processes of Diversification, Warsaw: IFiS PAN, p. 25-55 (in Polish)


Marta Klekotko (2009), Echoes of History of Silesian Mining Community. Long Durée in Radzionkow in Upper Silesia. [in:] B. Tuziak, A. Tuziak (eds) ‘Regional Dimention ofTransformation Process es in Poland’ Warszawa: SCHOLAR (in Polish)


Marta Klekotko (2009), In Search of a Balance: Local Development in an Age of Globalization.The Case of Radzionkow in Upper 

Silesia. [in] E.Psyk-Piotrowska (ed.) „Social Capital. Civic Participation. Local Development”. Lodz: University of Lodz Press (in Polish)


Krzysztof Gorlach, Tomasz Adamski, Marta Klekotko (2008), Nature and Resource Management Strategies: Cases from Poland [in:] K. Bruckmeier, H. Tovey (eds) “Rural Sustainable Development in the Konwledge Society”. Ashgate (in English).


Marta Klekotko (2008), Civil Society and Rural Sustainable Development in Poland. A Cognitive Approach, [in:] H. Podedworna, P. Ruszkowski (eds): “Social Aspects of Rural Sustainable Development in Poland. Community Participation and Social Capital”. Warszawa: SCHOLAR (in Polish)


Marta Klekotko, Piotr Nowak, Joanna Andrzejewska (2008), Towards Neo-endogeneity? Local Development in the Opinion of 

Borough Leaders. [in:] Krzysztof Bondyra, Marek S. Szczepański, Paweł Śliwa (eds) “From post-communism to the European 

Union. An attempt at the balance of Polish local government”, Frankfurt: Peter Lang; (in English)


Marta Klekotko (2008), Public Space as a Factor Establishing a New Type Community. [in:] „Changes ofRural Space in Poland and Slovakia” Rzeszow: University of Rzeszow Press (in Polish)


Marta Klekotko, Piotr Nowak, Joanna Andrzejewska (2008), Towards Neo-endogeneity? Local Development in the Opinion of 

Borough Leaders. [in:] C. Schafer, Ch. Ropschus, U.J. Nagel (eds), ”Enhancing the Capacities of Agricultural Systems andProducers”, Berlin: Margraf Publishers, (in English)


Marta Klekotko (2007), Balance in Action. Changes of Radzionkow Community from the Sustainable Development Perspective. [in:] M.S. Szczepanski, T. Nawrocki, K. Bierwiaczonek, (eds), „Social and Cultural Capital and Regions Competitiveness”. Katowice: University of Silesia Press (in Polish)


Marta Klekotko, Joanna Andrzejewska (2006), In Search of a Balance: Local Development in an Age of Globalization. [in:] “Human Resources – the Main Factor of Regional Development”. Klaipeda: University of Klaipeda (in English).


Marta Klekotko (2006), Measuring Rural Civility, [in:] “Countryside – our World. Collection of Papers”. Prague: Czech University of Agriculture in Prague. (in English)


Marta Klekotko (2005), Rural Civil Society or Rural Civic Communities? How to Research Civility of Rural People? [in:] Krzysztof Gorlach, Grzegorz Forys (eds.) „In Face of Change: RuralPeople’s Strategies of Action at the Turn of the Centuries”. Krakow: Jagiellonian University Press (in Polish)

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